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Student Support

Structured to Empower Success

果冻传媒 provides resources to give our students the greatest chance to succeed academically, socially, and professionally. Whether it is big picture academic advising or detailed writing consultation we鈥檙e here listening, sharing information, and taking action to reduce the roadblocks in the path of achievement.  

Academic Advising 

Every Centre student works closely with a faculty advisor to explore academic and career interests. We pair students with a faculty member in a field related to their interests to give students the best advice.  

All faculty members, as well as selected administrators serve as academic advisors to students. Students have general advisors鈥攗sually matched by interests鈥攄uring their first and second years. After selecting a major or majors toward the end of the sophomore year, students then choose an advisor in a specific academic discipline. 

Academic advisors serve as a 鈥渇aculty mentor鈥 who eases the student鈥檚 adjustment to college by helping to bring needed information together and directing students to campus resources and wider opportunities.  Advisors and students are encouraged to get to know each other beyond simply talking about academic classwork. Advisors should be available to support the student in various ways, just as students are likewise encouraged to seek advisors鈥 help and to play an active part in the advising relationship. 

Ultimately, the academic advising relationship at 果冻传媒 is more than simply following checklists, requirements, and completing forms; it is a mentoring relationship that advances individual development, supports the curricular and co-curricular program at 果冻传媒, and plays a vital role in the current and future success of Centre students.

Pre-Professional Advising 

Our team of pre-professional advisors have specialized knowledge about how to make your professional goals a reality. They help you explore your professional track, work closely with your academic advisor to help you choose the proper courses, and help connect you with relevant internships and research opportunities to ensure you鈥檙e well positioned to embark on your career.

Pre-Professional Advisory Categories
Pre-Physical Therapy 
Pre-Physician Assistant 
Pre-Social Work 
Pre-Teaching Certification 
ROTC (Air Force & Army) 

Academic Affairs 

The Academic Affairs Office also works in a targeted way with students who experience academic difficulty, particularly in the first two years at 果冻传媒, and with students with disabilities. Special group and individual counseling sessions are offered and students are directed to targeted help sessions in particular subjects, to the Writing Center, and to the鈥疌enter for Career & Professional Development. The office also works with students wishing to design their own major.


Academic Services Information

Centre Learning Commons

The Centre Learning Commons, located on the main floor of the Grace Doherty Library in Crounse Hall, is open during the library鈥檚 hours of operation. The space includes office suites, innovative and tech-savvy spaces for individual and group study, seminar rooms, and an information kiosk. CLC programming and resources include, but are not limited to, comprehensive and inclusive academic peer tutoring and mentoring, assistance with time management and organization strategies, academic support services (e.g. the Writing Center, the Proctoring Center, ESL services, academic accommodations, etc.), study skills and college preparedness workshops, summer programming focused on high-school-to-college transitions and skill building (e.g. math, writing skills, etc.), and extensive web-based and other digital resources.

The Writing Center

Trained peer consultants meet individually with students to discuss any writing project. They offer consultations at every stage of the writing process鈥攆rom finding a topic to revising a draft. The goal of each consultation is to foster in students a greater consciousness of their thinking and writing, not to produce a flawless text. 

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Students benefit most from sessions that occur at the planning, drafting, and revising stages, when there is still enough time for the writer to rethink ideas, arguments, and evidence in creative and constructive ways. Consultants will ask writers lots of questions and encourage students to recognize their own weaknesses and identify strategies for making changes and enhancing strengths. Ideally, this conversational exploration will prompt writers to refine both the argument and the prose for clarity and power. 

Located on the lower level of 鈥疌rounse Hall鈥痓elow the library, the Writing Center helps students with just about any written assignment. No appointment necessary! Most consultations last between 20-40 minutes and the last consultation is usually taken about 20 or 30 minutes before closing.

Monday - Thursday2:00 - 4:00pm; 7:00 - 11:00pm
Sunday7:00pm - 11:00pm

The Writing Center is closed during finals and Sundays of Fall Break and after Thanksgiving.

Assistive Technologies

We work closely with students on a case-by-case basis in coordination with Academic Affairs to assist them in finding the proper technology to make their learning experience less challenging.

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Accessibility Services

It is the mission of the Accessibility Services Team at 果冻传媒 to eliminate barriers to learning, facilitate the creation of accessible learning environments, and champion equal access for the entire campus community.


The Proctoring Center services are for students with special testing accommodations for students needing to take a make-up test. The Proctoring Center is located on the 1st floor (lower level) of Crounse Hall. Proctoring services are available to all Centre students and coordinated through the Centre Learning Commons, but use of the Proctoring Center is available by reservation only, as requested by an instructor. 

Monday - Friday8:00am - 4:00pm

Contact test proctors: Bonnie Trachsel and Amanda Wood at 859-238-6541.

Peer Tutoring

Tutoring services are available in a variety of subjects to assist students with specific academic challenges. Contact the CLC for more information.

Academic Support Information

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please reach out.

Student Well-Being

果冻传媒 is committed to providing the resources and support necessary for students to thrive through services focusing on their physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing.

Learn More About Well-Being at 果冻传媒


Finding Your Centre

All first-year students are enrolled in a one-credit course called Finding Your Centre (FYC). This course provides students with information about how to succeed academically at 果冻传媒. FYC includes peer mentors comprised of returning students who help incoming first-year students adapt to the challenges that their first year of college might bring.

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